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Photo: Vanessa Fortin


Another Love

Alessia Moschettino

The love is one of the most authentic and strong feeling in the life of a human being.

However, when this feeling is not authentic or reciprocated love becomes painful.

It consumes the mind and the heart. 

In this solo Alessia combined the creative process whit a personal journey of grow. 

In the piece moments of improvisation are alternate at choreographic moment and the research of the movement is closely linked to the memory of past feelings and sensation of the body and the soul of the dancer.



Born in Italy Alessia Moschettino is a dancer based in Montreal since January 2023.

She studied in different professional courses around Italy and in the 2021 she joined the main company Reverso Dance Company (Rome).

As a dancer Alessia is particularly interested in the study of free movement and the research of improvisation movement.

During the year of formation she also follows many workshops with international choreography and artists.

These workshops made her feel the need to leave Italy to explore a new freedom and study new ways of expression.

As an emergent artist Alessia wishes to join the Montreal and International world of contemporary dance to share with other artists and the audience the pleasure of art.

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