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Photo: Vanessa Fortin


What You Didn’t Ask For

Alexa Bender

Because Light exists, I don’t have to be afraid of the dark. 

My artistic research is focused on bringing internal realities to our external senses, in a humbling attempt to be seen, known and nonetheless connected to others. Using an absurdist approach, I invite the audience to laugh and/or be in discomfort with me as I shed some of this Light on the parts of myself my ego would much rather keep hidden away, blissfully unaware. With a fixation on bridging the theatrics of performative art back to everyday life, I focus on familiar and sensation-driven movement sequences that propel this exposing process forward, in order to set it free.


I am neither the villain nor the hero of this story, or any story for that matter. I am not that powerful, I am merely made of dust. 

And if by now you are wondering what this said story is about, well…as Louise Kaufmann soberly writes: “plants die when watered too much, and i never learned when to stop giving.



Alexa Bender was born and raised in Ontario, Canada where she grew up dancing in her mother’s studio, training in the forms of ballet, jazz, tap and theatre. She received her BFA degree in Dance Performance from Marymount Manhattan College (New York City) and continued on from there to work as a collaborative company member with Abby Z and the New Utility for four seasons, performing at Jacob’s Pillow, FUSEbox Festival, and the Institute of Contemporary Art Boston to name a few. She is inspired by the cultural exchange that dance allows and has sought to broaden her creative perspective over the years through different workshops and festivals abroad, learning and sharing space with other movement artists in London, Berlin, Vienna, Belgium, Paris, Portugal, and Italy. Alexa is currently residing in Montreal as a freelance performing artist. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and continues to dance, teach and share her anatomical and artistic experience with communities in New York, Canada and abroad. When she is not in the studio you can usually find her singing in the kitchen, petting a dog, or on a coffee date with a friend.

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