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Photo: Vanessa Fortin

Kiera Whitla


 Kiera’s current work is exploring how she can use the resonating feelings and imprints of memories left on the body, through the eyes of a performer rather than choreographer. In her current solo work, she is researching the ways that the brain creates and remembers memories, while connecting this concept to her own personal memories. Through research of the science behind this idea, she is understanding the connection of memories to the brain and searching for that within her movement creation. Embodying feelings, while finding these pathways, to generate her movement and performance.



Kiera Whitla is a dance artist originally from Toronto, Ontario; Tkaronto where she trained in ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, and Irish dance. She is currently based in Montreal/Tiohtià:ke where she completed her BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in 2022. During this time, she was mentored by artists such as Helen Simard, Sasha Kleinplatz, Peter Jasko, Kevin O’Connor, and many other established artists nationally and internationally. Kiera is currently dancing in the work of emerging choreographers in contemporary and commercial styles. Kiera finds her passion for dance through physical movement that requires strength and power, while also discovering the feeling of flow and freeness.

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