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Photo: Vanessa Fortin


Stepping In

Maya Conway

How can I make my work feel authentic to me?

Maybe by not making it anything at all.

Maybe the simple act of committing to doing is authentic enough.

Maybe nothing is inherently authentic but it’s my intention that allows for authenticity.


Maybe what I thought I was searching for is intangible,

it’s a feeling that can’t be intellectualized.



Born and raised in Montreal, Maya Conway grew up in a Jewish home surrounded by music and the performing arts. Influenced primarily by her father’s love for music, Maya’s own artistic passion developed at an early age. She explored visual arts, sports, and music before finally settling on dance in her teen years. Ever since, Maya has devoted herself exclusively to learning and immersing herself in dance and movement. For three years, she trained primarily at Préville Dance Academy under the guidance of Adam Asselin-Rioux and Jamie Malysh, her mentor of many years. There she also discovered her passion for teaching dance to children and teens. Maya is currently attending Big Bang, an intensive training program in contemporary dance directed by Stéphanie Decourteille, where she is deepening her artistic research and developing her personal practice.

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