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Photo: Vanessa Fortin

Milena Sundari Nowak

bling blang / a flying piece



The piece “bling blang / a flying piece” researches the theme of flying. The movement was curated through the questioning of why we leave and how we find freedom as well as birds and their behaviour while migrating. The result is a collage with four dancers who search to find vastness and freedom both individually and as a group.
The choreography was developed in collaboration with the dancers.



Milena Sundari Nowak (she/her) is a freelance dancer and choreographer from Berlin, Germany, and a member of the interdisciplinary collective Zookunft.Project.

Since November 2021 Milena has been exploring her own movement motivations in relation to loss, grief and pain in the context of suicide. Her last solo "friedhofen (verb)", in english comparable to “to graveyard (verb)”, premiered in October 2022 in Berlin. From this process arose the desire to experience a different kind of creation. In her current research at BIG BANG, Milena’s newest works explore themes of lightness and joy.

So far her work has been funded by the Jewish Museum Berlin, DIS-TANZ-SOLO, A.PART, GVL, Fonds Soziokultur/Jonge Kunst and Theater Na de Dam. 

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