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Photo: Vanessa Fortin


All at Once just feels a little Different

Zenobia Cook

I was inspired by a close friend who recently developed multiple sclerosis and soon after was diagnosed with cancer. She went from living life to the fullest to quite suddenly nothing and since has slowly, day-by-day been relearning everything. Throughout my creation process I worked with the sensations and emotions I have felt while experiencing this turn of events in her life as a friend and with what I would imagine it to feel like. The movement has evolved alongside the deeper understanding I gained through working on the piece, which has inadvertently led to a personal dive of exploring death and rebirth and how that transfers into the body.



Zenobia Cook graduated with a diploma in Dance from Victoria Academy of Ballet’s Postsecondary Bridge Program in 2022 with a primary focus on training in classical ballet and contemporary movement. She is an artist who loves spending time in nature and connecting with people which has led her to exploring/reflecting on how a person can sustain their unique authenticity within a society that is constantly stratifying the population. These reflections have helped her clarify her beliefs and values which is evolving her movement language. Through the BIG BANG contemporary dance program she is deepening her understanding of her own movement and creative processes and exploring how sensations, emotions and personal experiences are inspiration and intentions to move from.

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