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kio's solo practice is rooted in the fertile network of their regular collaborators in dance, circus, clowning, music and digital arts. With sprouting projects such as Matters of the Heart, Lone Ranger, and Enraci-nez, their work stems from the ideas and inspirations as well as the field experience gathered from a lifetime of working on a broad spectrum of shows. For kio, the fruits of this process are to overcome their own boundaries while also challenging the status quo of traditional presentation forms through the interweaving of personal growth, performance arts and digital arts.

_ intention artistique 

Matters of the Heart

Matters of the Heart is an experiential adventure through our human nature’s need of belonging and authenticity. One that asks us to take the pulse on our ever changing state of connection to one’s self as well as to those around us.

In my practice, I co-lead a workshop that combines elements from sacred clowning and contact improv as a way to express what’s happening within; to express what one is somatically feeling into movement as well as playfully exaggerating one’s emotions; to cocreate narratives as a group all the while staying connected to one’s self. 

I’m looking to combine some of these elements from my movement practice into a performance taking place in a generative environment based on my body’s biometric data. For this work in progress I will be using a DIY ECG to give us a gateway into my body, to hear my heartbeat as the source of audio for a soundscape that is intimate and visceral. In this edition I will be concentrating on my connection to myself as I slowly open up to those around me.

I look forward to guiding the crowd on a journey that will lead them to their own heart while in communion with everyone.

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