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Kirandevi Annunziata Naidu

_ biography

Kirandevi Annunziata Naidu is an Artist who was born in Brazil but moved to Germany by the age of 10 where she later finished Highschool.  In 2022 she began her dance journey by participating in an intensive one-year program in Bern, Switzerland. After finishing her dance year, she traveled between Brussels and Berlin to attend various workshops in dance. In March 2024 she began a four-month dance program in Montreal, Canada where she had the opportunity to work on her own creation which will be presented at the end of June. 

Kirandevi is very joyful and curious about the world, about humans and how everything works. She is inspired by nature, by small details in daily life and that childlike aw we have in regards to life itself. 

Furthermore, she loves to create, to experiment new things in art, in dance and she wants to continue pursuing her passion while exploring all possibilities also by discovering new pathways of doing but at the same time always staying true to herself. 

_ artistic statement 

When you begin the journey and unpredictable phenomenons arise you know that there is a will beyond your grasp fabricating the strings of fate but on the other hand you are the only one capable of making the choice and taking the leap towards that goal meanwhile letting yourself not forget that success may just be in fact the journey and everything might just simply be a play.

Wheel of Fortune 

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