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Through the SATURDAY WORKSHOPS, Espace Ouvert invites you to share, during a multidisciplinary afternoon, distinct approaches to movement developed by emerging artists who have participated or are participating in BIG BANG. Each workshop is an opportunity to learn about the artistic, technical or somatic approach of the artist.

On April, 8 2023, Zenobia Cook will propose a ballet class, Amélie Albert will propose a choreographic workshop in contemporary dance with lyrical inspiration and finally Manon Sérignat-Daléas will propose a choreographic workshop in contemporary dance.

You can register for one, two or three workshops: 

Registration process: 

1  - Fill out the registration form below

2 - Make your payment by Interac if you choose this option  

3 - A confirmation will be sent to you by email 


-  1 workshop: 15$ 

-  2 workshops: 25$ 

-  3 workshops: 35$


Zenobia's workshop - 1.30 to 2.45pm

Zenobia is offering a ballet workshop (beginner level) where participants can refine their technique and explore various forms of artistic expression. She will lead the workshop using the technical foundations of ballet to expand participants' movement vocabulary and help them express their personality through dance. Throughout the workshop, participants will receive technical guidance while being encouraged to incorporate their own personal style and creativity into their movements. This workshop provides an opportunity for participants to deepen their ballet skills while expressing their individuality.

Zenobia Cook graduated from the Victoria Academy of Ballet, where she completed a post-secondary program with a primary focus on ballet and contemporary movement. After relocating to Montreal in 2023, she has continued to develop her skills and expand her artistic horizons by exploring a new movement vocabulary. Currently, Zenobia is participating in the BIG BANG program directed by Stéphanie Decourteille, where she is deepening her own personal style and strengthening her artistic approach.

Amelie's workshop - 2.45 to 4pm


Amélie will be offering a lyrical inspired contemporary dance workshop during which the participants will be invited to express themselves authentically and honestly through the proposed movements. The workshop will focus on learning a choreographic sequence that will explore the duality between softness and intensity, as well as the precision of the intention that guides the movements.

Amélie Albert, originally from Lévis, started dancing at the age of three. She has competed in several solo and group competitions from 2005 to 2019, earning numerous honors, including the title of Senior Miss Candance Montreal in 2018 and first place among all acts in the advanced category at View Dance Challenge in Montreal in 2019 for her solo performance. Her passion for dance and desire to perfect her art led her to train for a year at The Bridge Movement, a conservatory program run by Stacey Tookey in New Jersey in 2021. In 2022, Amélie was featured on the television dance competition Revolution and in Chanteurs Masqués. Currently based in Montreal, Amélie continues to explore and deepen her own artistic identity. Her artistry seeks to personify and celebrate personal and universal human experiences through movement, generating an honest and authentic exchange with the audience.

Manon's workshop - 4 to 5.15pm


Join Manon for a contemporary dance workshop and escape into a moment of movement and self-expression. The workshop will begin with a warm-up followed by a choreographic sequence that will explore movements in space, changes of dynamics, rhythmic breaks, and interpretation. Through this shared experience, participants will explore the amplitude of their movements and develop their control of the body in space. Don't miss out on this opportunity to connect with your body, express yourself, and delve into the beauty of contemporary dance.

Born into a family of dance teachers, Manon began building her foundations in Modern Jazz at a very young age, before moving on to ballet and contemporary dance.  In Paris, she obtained a Master's degree in artistic direction and digital design while continuing to train with various choreographers in France and abroad. She assists Alain Gruttadauria in several workshops and takes classes in different schools such as the Broadway Dance Center (New York) or the Studio Harmonic (Paris). Her curiosity and her love for dance also push her to seize opportunities, which allow her to go on stage. In 2022, Manon completed the BIG BANG program directed by Stéphanie Decourteille, from which emerged "Faces", her first creation, which she performed the same year at the Montreal Fringe Festival. She approaches movement with honesty and uses dance as a language in its own right, because sometimes words fail her.

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