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big bang dance program

BIG BANG is a 4-month dance program in contemporary dance held in Montreal.

Each year, Stéphanie Decourteille, in collaboration with teachers and guest interveners, offers two programs, each lasting 4 months (around 350 hours). The program ensures artists' PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT by reinforcing their technical dance skills and exposing them to diverse artistic, cultural and interdisciplinary approaches. It also offers a CREATIVE RESIDENCY, providing personalized support and guidance to artists as they research and create their own solo. Artists have the opportunity to present their "work-in-progress" solo at a public exhibition at the end of each program.

Who should apply?

This program is designed for artists of 18 years old or over with a solid background in dance, performance, circus or acting. The program is trans-disciplinary and addresses a wide range of physical and artistic practices. Whether self-taught or previously trained, this program is open to anyone with a solid technical approach to dance, mature physicality, clear understanding and ease of movement. Each program welcomes artists from Quebec, Canada, and other countries, leading to the formation of diverse and dynamic groups. The mix of different cultural and artistic backgrounds in these groups encourages collaboration and shared learning, which in turn broadens the range of creative perspectives.

What are the educational objectives?

The BIG BANG team is focused on supporting artists to acquire a solid technical skills base in dance, and to open up and learn a valuable artistic, cultural and interdisciplinary approach to the body in movement. Throughout the program, artists will be confronted with their own technical and physical challenges. Meeting these challenges will allow the artist to let go gradually and naturally, and to connect fully with their body and the sensations and emotions that arise throughout the process. This element of authenticity will help the artist listen to their instincts and recognize the creative freedom and confidence in their process. Through questioning, exchange and personalized support, the artist will develop their artistic maturity and their own body signature.

Dive into the heart of the artistic and creative experience of the artists from the BIG BANG program through this video made by Marc-Antoine Turcotte. Filmed during the 9th program, which concluded on May 13, 2022, it highlights the key moments and the entire creative energy. We would like to warmly thank Marc-Antoine, as well as all the artists, teachers, and contributors involved in this program.

What is the content of the program?

The BIG BANG dance program totals around 350 hours spread over 16 weeks. Each week, the training includes almost 20 hours of technical classes and workshops every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9am to 5pm. Each program includes technical dance classes (contemporary dance, contemporary ballet barre, urban dance, etc), partnering workshops, floorwork, improvisation, choreographic exploration, contact-improvisation, choreographic creation, research and writing labs, workshops in anatomy and functional body movement analysis, discussion panels and workshops addressing various subjects in the dance world. The classes and workshops are teached in both French and English.

What do research and creation laboratories consist of?

A significant part of the program is dedicated to research and creation laboratories. The objective of these labs is to support each artist in developing their research on their artistic and choreographic authenticity. At the end of each program, the artists share a "work-in-progress" version of their solo and the research work done in front of an audience. A recording provides the artists with high-quality video and photo materials, enabling them to share these with companies, broadcasters, or funding organizations.

This video, created by Marion Chuniaud, illustrates the exploratory and creative work undertaken by the artists of the 12th BIG BANG program during their research laboratories.

Who is in charge of directing the program?

In Montreal, in 2018, the artist and dance teacher Stéphanie Decourteille established BIG BANG a contemporary dance program.  The following year, she co-founded ESPACE OUVERT, an organization that supports artists in various forms of movement. With a background in professional ballet and contemporary dance, and a career spanning over twenty-five years as a performer, choreographer, and trainer on both local and international platforms, Stéphanie focuses on the growth of both professional and pre-professional artists in fields such as dance, circus, theater, and performance. In her various capacities as an artistic director, creative advisor, and movement instructor, she is dedicated to recognizing diverse approaches, enhancing skills, and fostering all forms of artistic expression.

What are the dates of the next programs?

Autumn Program

(program #14)

From August 26 to December 14, 2024

Audition closed 


Spring Program

(program #15)

From March 3rd to June 19th, 2025

Deadline: October 20, 2024


Next audition

To attend spring dance program

Please submit your resume and letter of intent to Additionally, include a video showcasing a dance improvisation (less than 2 minutes) and another video demonstrating floorwork (less than 2 minutes). Optionally, you may also provide a video discussing your artistic influences and creative vision.


October 20, 2024


What is the cost of the program?


2 640$ (tx. incl.) 


- Option 1: $660 before December 15, 2024, and $1,980 before March 3, 2025

- Option 2: $660 before December 15, 2024, $660 before March 3, $660 before April 3, and $660 before May 3, 2025.


- Artists, members of the RQD, can benefit from the dance training support program.

- Canadian artists can apply for a development grant from Conseil des Arts et de Lettres du Québec (CALQ) and/or the Conseil des Art du Canada (CAC).

Team of teachers and guests artists of a previous program

Director and contemporary dance : Stéphanie Decourteille

Coordinator: Megan Gaudreault 

Partner Work: Anna-Maude Lamontagne

Interpretation and Theater: Agathe Foucault

Partner Work: Alyssa Favero

Partner Work: Adèle Ross

Education in Movement: Adel Shiab

Flow: Charles Brecard

Jumpstyle: Camille Dubé

Multidisciplinary Workshop: Céline Richard-Robichon

Electro: Carlos Mendoza

Contact Improvisation: Corinne Skaff

House: Dominique Sophie

Hand Balancing: Eliane Bonin

Prevention, Strengthening, Warm-Up Program: Liliane Moussa

Hip Hop Freestyle: Jaleesa Coligny

Krump: Jigsaw

Floorwork and Partner Work: Joshua Yates

Breaking: Kate Lynx

Technical Class and Workshop in Contemporary Dance: Kristen Céré

Technical Class and Workshop in Contemporary Dance: Kyra Jean Green

Technical Class and Workshop in Contemporary Dance: Louise-Michel Jakson

Waacking: Marie-Reine Kabasha

Multidisciplinary Workshop: Mariela Borello

Artist Support (Biography and Artistic Intent): Maud Mazo-Rothenbühler

Capoeira: Mestre Perninha / Vitor Silva Dos Santo

Acrodance and Acrobatics: Nicole Jacobs

Yoga and Meditation: Sarah Buono Fredette

Gaga: Sarah Gibson

Comfort in Discomfort Laboratory: Stéphane Créte

Clown: Solène Laurin-Laliberté

Yoga and Meditation: Stéphanie Fromentin

Acrodance and Acrobatics: Vincent Jutras

Technical Class in Contemporary Dance, Partner Workshop, Floorwork, Improvisation/Exploration, Creation Workshop, Choreographic Research Workshop, Contemporary Ballet Barre, Dancer Support, Artistic Advisor: Stéphanie Decourteille




"I initially decided to participate in the Big Bang Program because I knew it would provide the perfect bridge between my post graduate training and my career as a freelance artist. Not only did the program offer a wide range of techniques, but it also gave me the opportunity to create work, something I found very daunting at the time. The support from my fellow dancers as well as the teachers were so helpful during this process and I felt I was really able to step out of my comfort zone. The program was way more collaborative than I had expected and we were presented with several opportunities to work together on choreography as well as partner work. It was nice to be surrounded by artists of all backgrounds (circus, theatre, dance, etc), as everyone had such a unique approach to the work. I felt inspired by this and it helped me also find new possibilities within my own movement language. If you’re interested in becoming a more well-rounded artist, and establishing more connections within Montréal, I would highly recommend Big Bang!."

Daeva Miles

BIG BANG graduate  - Program 12

(Photo : David Wong

Graduates program #12

28/08 au 17/12/2023

Ana Perret-Halsouet

Angeline Bourgeault

Camille Robert

Chloé Jouffre

Christophe Bétournay

Daeva Miles

Emma Wallace

Estelle Beaulieu

Ines Chiha

Lara Haikal

Manon Veissiere

Marc-Aurèle Euzenot

Marianna Yiannaki

Maya June

Sarah Roy

Sophie Groleau-Rouleau

Alice  Fournier (artiste/étudiante)

Graduates program #11

23/01 to 14/05/2023

Alessia Moschettino

Alexa Bender

Amélie Albert

Constance Gadan

Danae Zeller Silva

Evane Gislard

Julianna Heft

Kiera Whitla

Léna Roth

Maëva Houck

Maya Conway

Milena Sundari Nowak

Yule Burlefinger

Zenobia Cook

Graduates program #10

29/08 to 17/12/2022

Alice Valinducq

Ambre Michel-Picque

Bowie Siu

Diane Cezard

Flora Spiga

Joshua Yates

Lorenzo Serafino

Manon Burtin 

Megan Gaudreault

Millie Brinck-Dubuc

Nicolas Sylvestre

Sarah Marie Benninghoff

Tina Donzelle

Graduates program #9

17/01 to 13/05/2022

Aicha Benchaâboune 

Angelica Zuenko 

Camélia Letendre 

Ciro Melgaço

Eva-Maria Eder

Juliette Ieva

Lisa Natalia Cabrera Lozano

Manon Serignat-Daléas

Megan LeBlanc

Myrtille Michallet 

Nicole Jacobs

Nikki Theroux

Sarah Lafortune

Solana Del Bel Belluz

Graduates program #8

23/08 to 17/12/2021

Catherine Jeannotte 

Châtelaine Côté-Rioux

Claire Cherriere

Estelle Wecking

Eva André

Fanny B. Poulin

Jacinthe Desjardins

Johanna Simon

Lola Thirard

Marie-Éve Quenneville

Nicole Jacobs

Soléne Laurin-Laliberté

Sarah Lafortune

Rachelle Alexandra Fleury

Graduates program #7

25/01 to 21/05/2021

Amandine Boulineau Pillet

Anna-Maude Lamontagne

Audrey Sargent

Antonin Desmarais

Cachou Trudel-Langevin

Camille Mougenot

Camille Scully

Gabriela Jovian-Mazon

Laura Borello Bellemare

Laurie Gaudichon

Marianne Mercier-Dulac

Samuel Terzis

Sarah Lafortune

Shania Leblanc

Graduates program #6

24/08 to 18/12/2020

Anna-Maude Lamontagne

Antonin Desmarais

Audrey Sargent

Cachou Trudel-Langevin

Camille Mougenot

Camille Scully

Florine Gall

Jeanne Théroux-Laplante

Laura Borello Bellemare

Laura Perron

Marianne Mercier-Dulac

Samuel Terzis

Sarah Lafortune 

Thibault Ayrinhac

Graduates program #4

26/08 to 19/12/2019

Agathe Stopin

Emeline Descharles

Florine Gall

Guillaume Roberts-Cambron

Emeline Descharles

Jordan Brown

Julia Soares Weiss

Laila Mestari

Laurence Patenaude

Maia Thomlinson

Maryline Martias

Sadiya Lopinto

Sarah Barone

Sarah Lafortune

Graduates program #3

14/01 to 09/05/2019

Aram Dermenjian 

Etienne-St Pierre

Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Maia Thomlinson

Sophia El Iraki 

Thaïna Rosinvil

Rameez Karim

Graduates program #2

28/08 to 16/12/2018

Camélia Letendre

Etienne-St Pierre

Lauranne Faubert-Guay

Gabriela Jovian-Mazon 

Pénélope Quevillon

Sophia El Iraki

Graduates program #1

16/01 to 04/05/2018

Be Heintzman-Hope

Chanel Cheiban

Chelsea Chen

Shanyca Eli-Leconte

Thaïna Rosinvil 

Pénélope Quevillon

Immerse yourself in the creative and inspiring world of the program 7 of BIG BANG through this video by Etienne De Durocher. 

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