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evening classes

Starting September 11, 2024, Megan Gaudreault will offer contemporary dance classes open to everyone (beginner level)  every Wednesday evening from 5:45 pm to 7:00 pm.

You have the option to register for the class as a drop-in or purchase a class card with a credit for 6 or 12 classes. Your class credits can be utilized not only during this session but also for future evening class sessions at Espace Ouvert. Please be aware that cash payments will not be accepted.

Registration process: 

1  - Fill out the registration form below

2 - Make your payment

3 - An email of confirmation will be sent to you


Drop-in = 20$

Card of 6 classes = 110$

Card of 12 classes = 180$

About Megan

Megan, a versatile dancer, has delved into various styles since her immersion in a dance-study program, spanning from contemporary to hip-hop. Her journey led her to assist in the BIG BANG program, where she discovered a new dimension of her art, drawing inspiration and fulfillment from collaborating with multidisciplinary artists. For Megan, dance transcends mere artistic expression; it is a vital necessity that allows her to unify her body and mind, unveiling her true essence.

About the classes

Each class will start with a body activation to properly warm up the participants. The floor exercises will incorporate fundamental floorwork concepts. Additionally, sequences involving off-balance movements, traveling, and the use of support points will help develop agility and fluidity. Megan's approach to contemporary dance is very dynamic. Her method, which can be acrobatic at times, encourages participants to explore the limits of their bodies. Classes will conclude with either a choreographic sequence to apply the techniques learned or an improvisation workshop to foster personal expression.

Registration form 

Thank you for your registration

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